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Company accompanied by us for the issuing of the data protection seal of approval:

On May 24, 2018, the last data protection seal of approval from the Independent State Center for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) still awarded under Schleswig-Holstein state law was successfully supported by us through the creation of legal and technical reports for the "ennit Cloud" online service from ennit server GmbH .

As of May 25, 2018, due to the changed legal situation, the Schleswig-Holstein data protection seal of approval and the audit procedure can no longer be offered in the previous form. Please note that all previously issued certifications (data protection seal of approval and audit) and accreditations of the ULD were based on the legal situation before May 25, 2018 or before the validity of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Customer and participant voices:

Working with Andreas Ebbersmeyer in the area of data protection is simply fun and characterized by his great expertise. What I particularly like is the fact that Andreas Ebbersmeyer is passionate about data protection, but still knows how to find good compromises. Those with whom both sides can live and work well.

- Uwe Kastens, ennit server GmbH

Thank you for the informative training on the subject of the General Data Protection Regulation. It was never boring or dry as the subject might suggest. We can highly recommend Mr. Ebbersmeyer as a speaker.

- Gabriele Möller, Hugo Pfohe GmbH

In 2019 I was allowed to take part in a first aid course conducted by Mr Ebbersmeyer and found the refresher course to be extremely enriching. Theoretical and practical units alternated constantly, descriptive examples and, if necessary, more detailed explanations supplemented the exercises, whereby attention was consistently paid to comprehensibility and clarity. In addition, the course was characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, which motivates you to attend additional units.

- Ann-Kathrin Barfuß

I really enjoyed the data protection seminar. And the reactions and subsequent discussions with colleagues have given you very positive feedback. So, thank you again.

- Michael G.

Thank you again for the great training. The feedback from all areas was very positive.

- Torben B.

Thank you again for the insight into the General Data Protection Regulation and the informative seminar day on July 3rd, 2018 in Flensburg.

- Susanne P.

The last two days in Itzehoe I was able to enjoy the basics of data protection with you. At this point, thank you again for bringing this dry topic to your audience in such a fresh and entertaining way.

- Andrea J.

Thank you again for the very interesting lecture on data protection.

- Diane H.

Thank you again for the really interesting and stimulating seminar "Implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" in Husum.

- Stefan S.

We held seminars here:

District offices of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Nord, Eimsbüttel, Wandsbek, Mitte, Bergedorf, Harburg and Altona)
   Seminar "Implementation of the GDPR"

State Fire Brigade Association Schleswig Holstein
   Seminar "Implementation of the GDPR"

Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, family and seniors of the state of Schleswig-Holstein
   Seminar "Implementation of the GDPR"

Hugo Pfohe GmbH
   Seminar "Implementation of the GDPR"

EWTO-WingTsun Akademie, Kiel
   Seminar "Tactical First Aid"

TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH, Hamburg
   Seminars "IT basics for data protection officers"
   Seminars "Creating and maintaining the directory of procedures"
   Seminars "Data protection in medical institutions"
   Seminars "Physical Security Concepts"
   Data protection coaching

IHK Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein (WAK)
   Seminars "Expertise in corporate data protection - Basic seminar"
   Seminars "Expertise in corporate data protection - advanced seminar"
   Seminars "Implementation of the GDPR"

Wirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH of the automotive industry Schleswig-Holstein
   Seminars "Implementation of the GDPR"
   Seminars "Practical Implementation of the GDPR"

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